My recent presentations have centered on “Therapy is Going to the Dogs” with a focus on neurobiology and ethics of Canine Assisted Psychotherapy.


Stella and I have offered the following national and local workshops:


Therapy is Going to the Dogs: Dog Assisted Group Psychotherapy Experience (AGPA, February 2015)

Therapy is Going to the Dogs: Animal Assisted Psychotherapy (NASW, September, 2014; AGPA, March 2014)

Puppy Power: The Basics of Dog Assisted Group Psychotherapy (AGPA, March, 2013)



Additional Recent Presentations


Rules are Made to be Broken: But Who, What, When, Where and How? (AGPA, March, 2012)

Is Your Trauma Showing: The Recreation of Unconscious Traumatic Experience between Co-Leaders (AGPA, February 2010; AGPA, March 2008)

Red Cross Experience of Assisting Katrina Victims (University of Maryland Graduate Course on Trauma, Spring 2007)

Great Ideas for Instructors of Group Courses (AGPA, March 2007; AGPA, March 2006)